Root Canal Therapy

There may be a time when your doctor recommends Root Canal Therapy, (RCT).

RCT may be indicated due to the amount of decay present in a tooth, the size of the existing filling or crown already present, infection, extreme sensitivity to hot, cold, biting pressure, or due to accidental damage that has fractured a tooth.

A Root Canal Therapy (RCT), is a filling that is placed by the doctor into the hollow space in the center of each tooth root called the root canal. The doctor cleans and shapes this space using special instruments and then a special filling material is placed inside the root. The result is a tooth that no longer can feel temperature, or pressure to the nerve. After a root canal treatment you may be required to cover your tooth with a crown . This is done, because the procedure to access the root canal can weaken the tooth structure above the gum line or cosmetically a front teeth can me damaged from decay or trauma and must be cosmetically restored.